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i. Sat. i. Do you but alter the identify, Of you is saide the identical:The even further that she goeth, The much more in toughness she groweth:Ingrediturque solo, and caput inter nubila condit: – 177.

She (great and very good) on earth doth shift, Yet veiles hir head in heaven earlier mentioned:In questo stato son Donna ver vui, – Petr. p. By you, or for you, Madame, thus am I.

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Quod spiro, and placeo, si placeo, tuum est. That I doe breath and make sure you, if please I doe, It is your grace, such grace proceed’s from you.

For, apart from your owne inexplicable bounty first- mover of my fantastic, La quale ritogli me peregrino errante, e fra gli scoglii e l’onde agitato, al furor do Fortuna, e benignamente guidi in porto di salute e tempo ( Tasso Gior. can. i. st.

this could be considered too a great deal for no improved a deserver than I am: Still a lot more ought to I admit joyned to this: for as to all, that professe any studying, and do you (but tiny) steade therein, you and your husbands hand (most bounteous Ladie Harrington ) have beene nonetheless open up, and your hospitable property, my retreate in storms, my reliefe in neede, Yea, your hearts ever enlarged: so for an instance, in accomplishing wel by me (the meanest) as if honorable father and mother with their noblest sonne and daughter should really contend in that praise-worthy emulation of effectively performing, you appeared even to attempt, who need to excel every other, who must greatest entertaine, cherish and foster mee: And as if this river of benignitie did runne in a blood, your worthie Sonne in-regulation, and vertuous Daughter Chichester with like- sweete liquor best online essay writing services have supplied my drie cisterns. So as to the name and household of Bedford and Harrington , devoid of prophanenesse, let me vow but one particular worde of the Pastorall, ILLIUS ARAM, and with that term my selfe Your Honorable Ladiships in humble Hartie services,To the Ideal Ho-norable, Lucie Countesse of Bedford. Relucent lustre of our English Dames, In one particular comprising all most priz’de of all, Whom Vertue hirs, and bounty hirs do call, Whose vertue honor, natural beauty love enflames, Whose worth question writes, silence proclaimes, Even though, as your owne, you know th’originall Of this, whose grace will have to by translation fall But due to the fact this, as your owne, your Honor claimes, Yours be the honour and if any fantastic Be carried out by it, we give all thanks and praise For it to you, but who sufficient can give? Aye-honor’d be your Honorable Blood Rise may your Honor, which your merites raise: Are living may you lengthy, your Honor you out-stay. To the noble-minded Ladie, Anne Harrington.

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To the curteous Reader. Al mio amato Istruttore Mr.

Giovanni Florio. Florio che fai? Vai cosi ardito di Monte? Al monte piu scoscese che Parnasso, Ardente piu che Mingibello? Plino qui muore prima, che qui monte. Se’l Pegaso non hai, che cavi’l fonte, Ritirati dal preiglioso passo. L’hai fatto pur’, andand’ hor’ alt’ hor baffo: Ti so ben dir’, tu sei Bellerophonte. Tre corpi di Chimera di Montagna Hai trapassato, scosso, rinversato.

Del’ honorat’ impres’ anch’ io mi glorio. Premiar’ to potess’ io d’or’ di Spagna, Di piu che Bianco-fior’ saresti ornato. Ma del’ hono’ ti basti, che sei Florio. A reply upon Maister Florio’s answere to the Girl of Bedfords Invitation to this worke, in a Sonnet of like terminations. Anno. Thee to excite from Epileptic fits, Whose lethargie like frost benumming bindes Obstupefying sence with sencelesse kindes, Go to the vertue of Minervas wittes Colde sides are spurrd, scorching muthes held-in with bittes Say No, and improve a lot more rude, then rudest hindes Say No, and blow more tough, then roughest windes. Who never shootes, the marke he hardly ever hitt’s.

To just take these taske, a enjoyment is no paine Vertue and Honor (which immortalize) Not stepdame Iuno (who would want thee slaine) Phone calls thee to this thrice-honorable prize Montaigne, no cragg’d Mountaine, but faire plaine.

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