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One definition of ‘news’ is ‘new information about specific and timely events’. I’m bored hearing about the lack of real news and watch NEWS24 less as a result. For example Jane Hill who, in just one example of her professionalism, tapped in to the frustrations of the nation, when she What is Polybius highlighted that the description of Madeline’s pyjamas were not given by police until days after her abduction. Your personal data will be used to support your experience throughout this website, to manage access to your account, and for other purposes described in our privacy policy.

I sincerely hope not, but do worry that all the publicity could have a very negative effect. I also feel for all the other parents who have found themselves in the same situation but have not had the resources available to them to help with their loss such as the case of Ben in Greece all those years ago. However, I hope and pray that Maddy is found and soon, and wish the Mcann family peace and a normal life again. If the media is used to prompt someone’s mind, or help with finding the little girl then surely thats a good thing. I understand that many children go missing everyday without all the media coverage, but it the parents were given the chance I am sure they would use it.

  • There are huge problems in this world, we have starved children, wars, rapes, natural disasters , diseases, female infanticide , poverty to name a few..
  • I have an inkling of the pain the family are going through.
  • Please, please don’t let Madeleine become yesterdays news, just because someone else decides it’s fashionable and cool to slag off something really positive.
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  • But they always do, no matter what the “flavour of the moment” is.
  • The Madeleine coverage has been in line with a recent trend to follow photogenic or emotive stories with no regard to newsworthiness.

The BBC is there to present bulletins which its audience and its license payers want to be kept informed about. Clearly the 90 million hits on the Bring Madeleine Home website confirm conclusively that this is exactly what people want. In the same way critics unecessarily condemned the considerable coverage of Diana’s death. As for Gordon Brown’s leadership bid – that is hardly news and I can assure you that the British public are not that interested in his bid, as your counter for that story confirms.

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This is a tragic tale that deserves telling without the faux “sincerity” being displayed in Portugal. I am totally appalled by the coverage the Madeleine story has received. Whilst it goes without saying that the events are a tragedy for the family and friends, the extent to which the news and the public have seized upon the issue makes me feel quite ill. Whilst the public desensitise to the death and hopelessness of Iraq, Darfur, Afghanistan and all those other countries too far away to really affect us we re-focus all our concern onto this one case. I am reminded of the excess and hysteria generated around Princess Diana’s death. I thought then the government ought to offer free vouchers for therapy and I think so again.


As a concerned parent I would encourage as much coverage as possible. As an expat, I don’t really care about coverage of “Gordon Brown’s leadership bid (isn’t it a given?)” and would much rather see TV doing a public service by keeping the story on air if it can help to locate the little girl. I’m afraid I agree with Simon Jenkins – the amount of coverage has been entirely disproportionate, considering that, since the abduction itself, nothing particularly newsworthy has happened in over two weeks. One girl going missing is a tragic shame for the family, but the media frenzy is completely unwarranted.

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If you watch Sky News, they go with the story the whole time, you have to go elsewhere if you want to find the rest of te news. Of course we all want here to be found safe and well; who wouldn’t. But hearing nothing but this story all the time does nothing to help, especialy when there’s other news.

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A story may be ‘important’ in the wider sense but not be of much immediate interest. However, this could lead to a majosr shift with a non-American taking charge for the first time. I’d agree with Pete Terrier’s comment that there are many very important world issues being relegated in the news coverage due to the ongoing ‘Maddie’ story. They made a mistake one they are being punished for every second of every day she isn’t found.

Anyone who wishes to complain about the amount of coverage on missing Maddie should stop and ask themselves one question – What would they want if it was their child? I check in on the news websites a couple of times a day just for news of Maddie and I’m not a relative just a concerned parent who knows how precious every child is. There are so many children lost or missing in the world surely using whatever resources necessary to find one child gives us hope that more may one day be returned home. The lack of sensitivity of even having this debate is breathtaking. In a world besotted with money and materialism, it shows that, underneath, people still care about other real people. It is way past time that the drivel written about so-called celebrities was severely curtailed instead.

  • Arent u all missing the point we should be hoping for her to be found not looking at rumors and lies about the mcann family they didnt kill her.
  • But keep it in perspective – this is something that is a worrying and increasing trend of the media in the last 15 years or so.
  • Please consider upgrading your browser software or enabling style sheets if you are able to do so.

Comparisons may be drawn with Alan Johnston, but his kidnapping has many more ramifications, political and journalistic, than the abduction of one young girl, sad though it may be. I agree that there has been far to much coverage of the incident and I have now reached the point of not watching BBC News for that reason. I agree completely with Simon Jenkins, who I suggest speaks for many BBC viewers and listeners. The media coverage of this poor girl’s abduction is vastly inappropriate, and has indeed been exploitative. 3 years ago my husband, my son of 5; my daughter of 2 and myself went to ibiza for a two weeks holiday.

I am not suggesting it takes over the front page, but i feel STRONGLY that there should be an area of the site for people to read background info and any breaking news. This is so important now that the media coverage is going worlwide, as the BBC is seen globally as the UK news coverage specialist. For those people who want to complain about the media coverage I think your an absolute disgrace! How can you say that there is too much media coverage on such a terrible incident like this! I cant stop thinking about what is going through poor Maddie’s head now and what is she thinking, is she thinking wheres her Mummy and Daddy and why cant she see them.

However, I would resort to this kind of help, given that no real clue has come out form the investigation. In this country , 4 families looked for help on a well known woman who is a kind of foreteller, who could finally put an end to their pain and tireless search, as she drew a map where to find the children. There must be people with special mental powers in Europe. I can’t believe some people are complaining about the extra media coverage for poor maddie. Just think if it was your daughter or granddaughter wouldn’t you want the extra help. I’m so sorry for the McCann’s I hope everything turns out right for them and Maddie is home soon.


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  • For example Jane Hill who, in just one example of her professionalism, tapped in to the frustrations of the nation, when she highlighted that the description of Madeline’s pyjamas were not given by police until days after her abduction.
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  • My family and My self are all hoping and keeping our fingers crossed that Madeline does get found and took hope safely.

I have an inkling of the pain the family are going through. His death warranted a small report in a local paper but nothing more than that. Having more coverage would not have helped me in any way.

Then, of course, when something actually has happened, the machine goes into overdrive, droves of reporters are despatched, and the event fills the news for as long as the BBC thinks the audience will stand it. Just because I believe that there are more newsworthy stories out there does not mean I have no feelings for what is a tragedy. I’m sure that everyone who’s ever likely to in the UK now knows about Madeline. We should just let the police do their job, and the media should report again when there is progress to be reported. Madeliene is important because she is white, middle class, has blonde hair and blue eyes.

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Children are our most important resource, far more important than any President or other person seeking 15 minutes of fame. Teenagers and adults do not seem to produce the same mass-sympathy reaction that young children do so do not make good news. People go missing every year and judging by the figures everyday.

I find that this is simply due to her being a cute 3/4 year old girl. I feel the media are slowly trying to distance themselves from this issue and probably all fee a bit silly for the hysteria they whipped up. Are people are generally unhappy, unfulfilled, un-needed and finding it difficult to live up to the expections of body beautiful , nice house , successful career (who loves their job?) and happy family (!!). This would be all very well if there were any actual news to report. It’s all very sad and all but there is only so much desperate filling that you can take before you start to do what I do now and switch off the news in irritation for a couple of minutes until it’s finished. This case is nothing compared to the rest of the worlds children who suffer everyday, from traffickers, pimps, wars, starvation, drought.

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I expect the BBC News service to report news, not emotional speculation. Please, please don’t let Madeleine become yesterdays news, just because someone else decides it’s fashionable and cool to slag off something really positive. Messrs Simon Jenkins should pray that nothing of this magnitude ever afflicts his own sad sorry life.He is clearly trying to gain his own publicity on the back of this sad case.

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